RE: i am unable to calm myself


pallavi wrote:
Mum-in-laws can be hard to take on… mine is an arranged marriage, my mom-in-law was the one who actually convinced everyone in their fam to get me as the bahu…yet she gives me hard time with her words sometimes. The best thing u can do is ignore…, dont take her words to heart or mind or i say even to ur ears. It would be nice if u stayed away from her. do ur work, be urself…dont bother about her. if she says something…, do it, dont expect her to recognise or praise u. just think u r treating an ill-women. All that matters to u is ur husband and his love, hope he understands u.

I say just dont care about her words. hope i helped.

I agree that I should hear it from first and throw it out of the second year. I cannot even explain my condition….while on my way to office i am vry relaxed but as the clock is heading towards 6….my mind z all geared up with worries. she hates me and i knw it. she makes me feel the hatred evry moment. I was a very positive person but bcz of her i am losing all and only gaining negativity….this is affecting me way tooo bad..