RE: I don’t love my husband!



Thanks for the response Lindsey .. I will def take ur suggestions…I know anyone reading my post might get angry on me!!!!! .. But…I can’t explain my situation…I have experienced toughest times in my life!!..I was too innocent to stop my marriage that time…the only thing tht I regret till now is why my parents did not consider my opinion ..when I was telling no and crying everyday from the time my marriage was fixed…my parents are very very good …they care for me ..I am lucky to have them …but I was not given chance to take my Life s most important decision..!!I cannot ask this questions to them now, as they feel hurt!!!…I know that I shdnt or think about such things now , as it s too late…even though I stop thinking about this sometime …but these questions triggers me again and again sometimes when I experience some situations …

And he his not my new boyfriend …he was my old friend, whom I had wished to marry before my marriage was fixed…but neither He or me … No one had guts to express our feelings , though he too liked me ….yes I am aware it s over now…and still these things regret me sometimes now, why I was so dumb that time , why I did not give a try !!!!!

Now when I am married…I am always away from husband and till now had a long distance relationship …no proper communication!!!.After marriage, Since I am working woman, both had jobs at different cities…hence both stayed apart and used to meet once a week or month…after few months …I moved to foreign country and again far away for 2 years , this was my dream to travel and experience (I am responsible)…wherein he was busy preparing for his higher education …now when I am back …he got higher education seat in different location , where there s no IT company, where I can go and work and stay together …still we are far away ….

Now in this situations ….first of all my marriage was forced marriage and then long distance relation , never stayed with my husband , we never understood each other properly and again on top of that my regret towards my parents decision and my regret , since I was not able to express my feelings to my old friends …thinking if I would have expressed , he too had liked me …my life would have been far better …on top of this …by seeing all my friends …how happily they are roaming with their husband , setting up house, planning for future …I have never got this Chance yet !!!I think of all these things almost everyday…and cry cry and cry !!!Need your advice on this…..