RE: I don’t love my husband!



What I feel that as you was not happy with your marriage you have not tried to see any positive in your husband. Now you have two options.

1) Think about your husband. How he is behaving with you? Does he really love you? Because to understand a person you both should live together. I think you both have not spend too much time together. If you not live with a person then how you understand him. How emotional bonding will build among you both. If you really think that he is really caring and good person then you should stay with him. A woman is a power of a man. You can change him. You can impact his personality. So don’t just go on physical personality. A poor personality with good nature will make you more happy then a good personality with bad nature. So don’t think about only physical structure. Judge him by his nature. What I understood he looks like a good man whi gave you freedom to build your carrier.

2)If you really feel that you can not spend your life with your husband then you have to ask with your boyfriend. Will he accept you and make you as his life partner? As per my experience I observed then when a man get physical pleasure with woman they show more love and affection with her. But when time came to take bold decision then they run away. So first cleverly convince that do he really loves you or just trying to fool you. Don’t be physical with him. Why I think this because you meet him after a long time and he know your mental status. In this case if he really love you then he should himself propose you for marriage and should promise you for better life. At last if you got convincing answer from him then you can go for divorce and marry your friend.

You have already did a mistake by not taking bold decision previously. Now you have to do it now. If your relation leaked in public then you have to face more challenging issues.