RE: I don’t love my husband!



Thanks Lindsey…Your advice really mean a lot to me at this moment

Whatever be the first option…Neither of us (me and my friend)can go with the second option…though we want to spend rest of our life together…we are not ready to face the consequences of it…first of all my parents will be fully shattered and will never forgive me …secondly , my husband ….he ll definitely regret for marrying me and wasting his time and about the society , friends and relatives , none of them ll like me then….thirdly answering to people..all these things really make me feel scared…thinking all these things, only thing I do is just regret within and cry !!!!which I cudnt stop doing it till now!!!

Yes I have tested my friend several times, he really likes me a lot…not just physical attraction…he his not flirt sort of guy…he s very calm , talented and smart guy, that is why I had liked him in past and found him suitable person as life parter…as you know , I just felt , never tried that time…

Coming to my husband, Yes I feel I should spend some time with him and understand…but tht s not happening …Since he s studying in a place, where I can’t go and work…And I can’t quite my job even and stay with him…Since he his studying he ll not have sufficient money to look after me there…his eduction is for 3 long yrs….my age is also increasing …still not settled..!!!Just thinking when will I get time to understand him :( …I dunno what to do…when all my friends are settled with their husband, enjoying life , roaming and posting pics in FB…I am still figuring out what to do and still staying with my parents…most of times , I ll have to answer so many questions asked by people..whcih really hurts me a lot….I am helpless again in taking any decision…I never thought I d end up in such a situation!!!!……I was the bright student in school and in college and having successful career life ….But I have become totally NILL in my personal life…