RE: I feel hopeless. pls pls reply really fast.



Look my ex is no more an issue. I just wanted to share that is why I wrote that. I admit that rejecting him the wrong way was my mistake, but then I tried conveying him nicely a lot of time but he dint understood so that was the reason I took that step and left him. I understand what a pain of rejection means and never wanted it to end the way it actually ended.

Anyways the thing is at present I really do want to be with my present bf but we lack understanding. I want to improve that but things just keep becoming complicated every time we argue. It’s not that I didn’t do anything. I do commit mistake. I just want him to handle me more patiently rather that losing his head because when I’ll get married I have to maintain relation with everyone he’s related to. I’ll leave my home, everything behind just on the basis of trusting him. What if he does the same thing afterwards where will I go and share of what I feel.

And I do not have any options with me I don’t know why u said so. But yes I am confused because I don’t want any of us crying after getting married and then regret our decision. What is wrong in being 100% sure before getting married.
BTW which country do you belong?