RE: I feel hopeless. pls pls reply really fast.



I am not sure whether I am the right person to respond you or not. In your entire question I felt that you only think about yourself.
Initially you involve with some guy. Then you realised that he is not of your type so you left him. I am not sure about him but it is very difficult to control emotions and faced rejection. May be due to this he behaved with you like that.

For second boy as you said that he is your best buddy. You love him, have emotions for him still you have too many doubts. I am not sure about your definition of love. For me when you love some one then you think much about him rather then yourself.

As per me you are confused because you are able to see other options. Sometime we don’t give importance to the person who is close to us. We realise the importance when we loose that person.