RE: i get angry very often



As a third person your problem seems to be very simple. You have two problems. One is you become angry frequently and second you are feeling that your husband is not giving you much time.
Since you recently entered in married life you should understand that marriage is another name of adjustment. You husband has personal life which he wants to live freely. If you want his attention and want some personal time then told your feeling with him in polite manner. It is not necessary that he daily spend 2 hrs with you. Rather then in week-end you can enjoy time together.
Your anger is somewhat related to this. If you try to understand your husband; and allow him to spend his time without arguing you will see that in future he will also try to undestand your feeling.
So anger is not a solution. You should control it and talk him with smile. If you do not agree with him still discuss this with him peacefully. You have just started your life so please don’t think negative (ruining married life).