RE: I hate my parent’s !!! How can I overcome this?



The feeling of being constantly watched by parents is not particularly liked by children as they are growing up. The child’s need for this personal space seems to have significantly increased in our Indian society as it has evolved. Now traditionally the idea to move out of the house after becoming capable of making an earning, is still considered as a moral lack of responsibility of the child towards the parents in our society. This is largely untrue as most parents still continue to earn and sustain themselves.

This is a very common problem today and your case is no different than millions of people worldwide. Moving out and staying on one’s own while working towards making sufficient earnings to sustain oneself does not necessarily mean that the children do not care for their parents. I’ve known several parents who have happily chosen to allow their children to stay on their own. Many parents and their children that have stayed away from home for their education or profession, seem to have naturally evolved to allow this mutual need for personal space.

I am not sure if, what I have discussed here is relevant. It is unclear from your post in what way do your parents, “do not respect your interests”. Now coming to the subject line of this post, “I hate my parent’s !!! How can I overcome this?”. I cannot think of anyway of NOT hating someone who you hate. Your parents seem to love you a lot and for that, you can surely discuss and make them aware of the choices (that can be shared) you want to make. I remember taking help from my friends or relatives so that I could convince my parents wherever they’ve been disrespectful of my interests. Of course as and adult and even as a child I’ve had things I always have hidden from my parents, which I continue to do even now ;) Take it easy!