RE: I have a Masturbation Addiction


saladav wrote:
Hello members,

I have a Masturbation Addiction thats why i want to stop how to stop the habitt. I am 36 yrs old Male. Please help me. IT will affect the memory power?.Plz give me a suggestions.

with regards,

Hi Saladav,
Thank you for sharing something so intimate with us. First of all, ‘masturbation will affect memory power’ or anything else is purely a myth. Masturbation is a completely natural physiological and sexual response, targeted towards the release of sexual tension from the body, just like partner sex. It cannot harm you in any way.

Next, you say you have a masturbation ‘addiction’. What makes you say that? Can you tell us a little bit more about how often you indulge in it, to help us decide whether it qualifies as an ‘addiction’ or not?