RE: I in big dipression.. plz help i dont want to do suicide..



Re: ReplY

I don’t know whats right n whts wrong going on…
I am just blank…
now not having that confidence to decide right n wrong things.
n realy a BIG THANKS to you to help me to build up my self respect n confidence in me back again..
act so much questions are ther in ma mind..
why dis happened to me??
I never wished any bad thing for anyone then why me??
M I not deserving to have a simple and happy life stable life?
M I not deserving to have a loving partner??
I am not able to study now for my interviews n m not able to concentrate in dat..
Is this kind of situations every girl should go in ARRENGE marriage??
all people says dat the days in between your engagement n marriage are the most amazing days most awesome days in whole life…
but this all not happened with me…
In this nation…..people will not accept my situation easily…
who will think to marry a girl whose previous case is like this????
people will of Corse say “MAY BE THE GIRL WAS NOT GOOD, MAY BE SHE WAS HAVING A BOYFRIEND OR else” “MAYBE there is something wrong in her CHARACTER”
these questions n many more questions hit in ma mind n I get dipressed again…n again…
now my behaviour is changed a lot…
I used to get angry on everyone immediately ..
I don’t like to listen to ma parents now
I was very talkative girl before …but now m not even talking to my younger sister n my mother also…
I used to be quite n sit at one place for hours n hours..
I didn’t slept at night from 1 month..
I loved to sing songs n listen to songs..
now I don’t like to listen n see the music channels also..
I know this is not good signs …I realy don’t want to be like this… I like to talk to diff people …I like social life… I like to be so bubbly girl…always smiling ….happy girl… I miss myself now…
I lost myself …..
I don’t want to be like dis what I am now…
I also want to move on…….
but I am not able to….

waiting for your reply..