RE: I need to get out of a relationship


Angie wrote:
I am seeing a guy from last 1.5 yrs. The relationship has always been turbulent, he is very dominating and insists on me telling him slightest of the details of my life. He even abuses me using very foul language when we have fights. He later on says that he regrets using such language , but I only provoke him so much that he ends up behaving that ways. He interfers in the way I dress and also has problem in me having friendly relationships with any other guy.He also does not have a job from last one year, and I am currently have a very high profile career of my own. He earlier insisted on we sharing passwords saying if I am not doing that, it means ihave something to hide, and also used to check my cell phone regularly. Now suddenly he has stopped that , and also does not let me touch his mobile phone at all. Earlier when I had his passwords I ahd once caught him sex chatting with a girl and that time he begged me to forgive him. I have tried ending the relationship many times, telling him that I don’t love him and feel suffocated in the relationship but he starts misbehaving with me whenever I tell him. It has been my mistake also when once or twice he asked me to leave him ,and step out of the relationship , but I did not , as I felt guilty about it. Now he keeps saying I did wrong to him by staying into the relationship and therefore I cannot leave now. He accuses me of getting him into the relationship and therefore says he would not let me go as I have used him. I don’t kniow what to do?

Hi Angie,

First of all be strong. You want to leave. You want to breathe. You want your space. Be firm about it. Don’t let anything change that. He cheated on you with the sex chat. You can not trust someone like that. If he truly loved you, he would have never cheated in the first place. He is an insecure man. Thats exactly why he checks your mail and your phone. But he doesn’t let you check his. Why? Because he is probably doing something and he is scared you’d do the same. Why do you want to be his back up plan? He doesn’t love you. He is obsessed with you. You need to breathe. You are successful. You will find a better guy. You are way out of his league.

But let me tell you, you need to be VERY careful. You can’t just pick up the phone and say you want to leave. He seems unstable. You need to first reduce you interaction with him. And stop meeting him completely. Do not meet him at any cost. And slowly cut off from him. You dont want him turning into a psycho. Just do this real slow till he gets over you.

Be careful and be strong!