RE: in laws problem


guest 2

Hi I’m new here and am just looking for a bit of advice. I am currently dating a woman who herself is a psychologist so I need a way to approach her and help her understand how I feel without causing issues in our relationship or to find out if my feelings are wrong and if I need to deal with them myself. You see she lives with her older sister who is very well off, she has a child but never gives the child any attention unless she really feels like it. Everytime the child dirty’s her nappy my girlfriend must clean it and my girlfriend must feed her my girlfriend must bath her my girlfriend must always do everything. Its really annoying me and it is beginning to feel like this is my child but yet I can’t discipline her in anyway. This morning my girlfriend and I were asleep and at 5am her sister who is in the room next door phones her and tells her to come fetch her child so that she can sleep. I mean really now come on. It feels like all my girlfriend ever does is look after this child. I know its not the childs fault and all but my girlfriend won’t open her mouth and say a thing. Last week the mother was actually sitting with her child for once and my girlfriend was asleep in the room on my lap wen again the mother of the child her sister didn’t even stand up and come ask her to change the childs nappy but instead she phones her from the lounge now please am I wrong for getting so upset and if not how will I address the matter?