RE: In need of Desperate Help



Virginity is just an abstract concept and thin layer of skin. You gave it up in a moment of love and I don’t think it is something to beat breasts about. One can always do that, lament about the past, but it is not a solution. Your current goal is to achieve something in life and that is making through a very good career. Love, marriage everything will happen when it is the right time. Just concentrate on your studies and go forward. Just chill out, listen to some good music, have healthy food and get back to books. It may be difficult to talk to your mom about this if she is too conservative, but you can always try breaching the topic indirectly, if you feel a great urge to talk about it. But again, marriage is not everything. You have a wonderful life to live and it is a one time offer….. So enjoy this life and let bygones be bygones…….