RE: In need of Desperate Help



Because you lost your virginity, you cannot die. It is his crime and your mistake (your belief on him)

Let it go

You cannot escape from your roles and responsibilities in your personal life and among your family. you must take care of your mother. At least she should see your marriage before her life ends.

No need of telling this to your future partner and no need of thinking it always. I understand that your mistake will be killing you everyday.

Realize that it is not your intentional but emotional. Leave it and forget it.

Suppose anyone guy who is really taking more care of you and willing to marry you, then if you wish tell him about your past.

Just keep all this useless unpleasant past things. Live in the present. most of the people in this world regret for the past and worrying for the future. Don’t be like that. Live in the present. Set your goals and targets. Just march fast towards your goals.

At any point of time, don’t think life ends with this. No Never. Always there is a chance and hope.

Always think “now what should I do?”