RE: inaccurate self assessment



Yes , you should attempt the management entrance exam, you know what , you will easily do it, you have been successful in so many fields hence there is nothing wrong with you, I am sure you also will agree with me that to be successful one has to have faith in himself, so here is the medicine for your problem, you only and purely need to just accept the fact that as you have succeeded till now , hence “why should I not give a try for entrance exams also, nothing wrong even i dont click, atleast i will be satisfied that I made an attempt”, this approach I am telling you to take only and only for the sake of developing that faith in yourself because anyway you are going to get through, now regarding maths as you said you are not that good, see I am not a professional in any particular subject, but I 100% do know that maths is a subject of practice and practice and practice, and that too written practice, am i right?, so thats it, stick to practicing maths , keep on solving the problems in written form, I mean not verbally, a person like you who can achieve 60-70% as you said, you think this is small enough, no dear, not at all, just go ahead, my only one condition is definitely hard work which you will definitely do I am sure, and rest leave it on God, now regarding you being an introvert, the first step, stop labeling yourself , that I am an introvert, I am shy, I dont have the guts etc etc, what made you thought that your these assumptions are right?, so stop labeling yourself, and why , why on earth you want to give so much importance to this tag “introvert”, drop it completely right not you know why because even being an introvert is absolutely nothing wrong, thats a nature of a person, some are extrovert and some introvert, dont copy others and change your nature, be firm in your originality, beng an extrovert has nothing to do with being “smart”, even a person as introvert can be smart, i hope you got what I am actually trying to make you understand, you said you have managed to get out of the shell, dont force yourself to get out or get in any particular kind of a personality, because you are already having your original personality and which is fantastic, but because you guys start labeling it with such terms as “Introvert”, “Extrovert”, “Shy”. “Independent” etc etc the problem arises, you are already independent, smart, but your nature must have drawn a line which not to cross over, but that is not to be termed as shy, introvert etc etc, hope you got it. You are an intelligent person ,good in studies, helpful to others, smart enough to having set your boundaries, you are independent so what more you need. Add up only this much – Hard work in maths and if possible half hour anything like meditation or visit a temple, or even just remain completely with your own self, nothing more you need to do, all the best and go ahead.