RE: Insecure…


Sabrina Khan

I can understand how you feel, I’ve felt that way too. Infact I’ve lately turned so self esteem deprived that I literally stammer and forget English when I talk to someone to make friends. I get so nervous and that’s embarassing! I’ll tell you what I was never like this before, But having been a victim of emotional abuse I started hating me. Now I’ll tell you how I’m improving! I’ll jot it down pointwise :-
1) Since I’m in school I’ve a lot of stuff like debate and all to gain confidence so I’m like giving my names in everything! I’m in 12th btw. You could participate in stuff too to gain confidence, Improve public speaking and being able to gel with people. But this one’s a rather lame advise if you ain’t like me who stammers too because of low self esteem
1) I think most of the nervousness and the negative vibes arrive when you think about what others would think of ‘you said this or that’! Or maybe because u consider the other person superior than u or something! So basically always think like this ‘What worse could happen? They’d laugh? What more? I’m no superstar that they’ll remember it forever and hence you should just be yourself and say whatever u want to considering yourself as the most superior person.
3) If something embarassing happens? Just laugh it off
like if you pronounced a word wrong? Say how stupid I am and laugh it off ! This would make yoi less stressed and people would love this attitude too
4) Always remember to NEVER let anyone know how sad you are always walk straight and smile because if people know they take your advantage and then you naturally feel happy when you try to feel happy! And then happiness is something only you can fill in your life!
5) Remember you are your own kind of beauty. Eventually college would end and you ll have friends one day you know?
6) This one works seriously – Daily wake up and tell yourself ‘I rock’ ;p
I hope I helped, And please answer my problem too! And sorry for writing so much! I’ve a lot more to advise and help you only if you find my advise helpful.
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Happy to help!