RE: inter-religion



First thing first- are you both financially independent. What your age and his. Are you guys studying or doing job. Most importantly marriage is not priority of life but being financially independent is. If you both are earning and can afford your life together without support nof your parents both side then go ahead and get married with or without family consent. Perfect happy marriage is just a myth. Every marriage has problems love arrange same cast inter cast any marriage you take, none is perfect. And there is no guarantee that you would lead a happy life with a catholic giy. If you marry a person of your choice thn atleast you would not lead a life with regrets. But make it sure if that guy is just doing time pass with you till his family finds a bride for you or he seriously want to marry you. Believe me if a guy says that we would marry only with my parents consent would never keep you hapoy. Leave him immediately as you are never going to be his priority and he would hang up with you only till his family finds a suitable match for him. But if he truly lives, he would marry you no matter who supports or not. So ask him to marry you and not wait so that you will get a clear picture of his heart. And please first be independent. You will lead your life with anyone if u are earning well. Hope it will help. [email protected]