RE: Inviting Suggestions and Feedback.



M 29 yr old gal m in love wid a guy we broke up 4months back bcoz he didn’t want to get marry at tym bcoz i truly love him I was in deep deprresion dat I wanted to comity suicide but mere ghrwalo ne kafi smjhaya mujhe thk kiya but still i was missing him lyk hell ;(

back n said i will marry you no matter wat plz forgive me it was my mistake i hv realized dat he talked to my mom n each family member dat i will marry her…i was feeling like god has given me my life my new life i felt complete my self but after one month he again refused to marry bcoz his mother refused ….so he broke up 3weeks ago nw again m in same worse condition i cant live without him m dying every moment i hv no interset in anything in life..MY PARENTS FORCING ME FOR MARRIAGE WID some other guy but i don’t want to rather i want to suicide.I JUS LOVE HIM FORM D DEEP CORE OF MY HEART …M FEELING LIKE MY LIFE HAS FINISHED I HAVE NO JOB NOTHING NOBODY WILL GIVE ME JOB BCOZ M GETTING OLD MY FAMILY USE TO SAY UR GETTING OLD …MY BF LEFT ME EVRY THING IS FINISHD MY LIFE HAS FINISHED …PLZ HELP ME PLZZZ ANYBODY HELP ME PLZZ