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avantikaR wrote:
I am 21 year old college girl. almost an year ago i got committed with one of my classmates. we were very good friends since college started and he seemed fine. i am really bold, straight forward and a stage loving person. i love making new friends,etc.In starting everything was fine. then he became a control freak. he stopped me to talk from any males. no stage. no Sunday with my friends. 24*7 on phone with him. i lost my life and freedom completely. we also had physical relationship. and then he just got madder and madder. he is from a political background and is a really powerful person. he also threatened me once or twice that he will suicide and i will be the reason for his death. Also abused me in public because i was talking to an old male friend of mine and did not tell him. finally i gathered courage and broke up with him in April 2014. he said he lost his mom in January then big brother in Feb and younger in march and then father in march end. Also he said he has cancer in 2013 then tumor then caner again and now he is suffering from some neurological disorder and that he is dying and its all because of me misbehaving with him and breaking up with him when he needed me. i dont even know if all of this is true or just a fake story. He emotionally makes me feel guilty that i am the cause of his pain and i have made his life hell. then he said sorry and asked me to come back and i rejected him saying i cant stay with a mad crazy control freak lier like him. he keeps saying “i just took your freedom and a few opportunities and then i also said sorry and allowed to your freedom back but you are taking my life and i know you enjoy seeing me die and be in pain. someday you will cry in blood for what you are doing to me. you played with me. and gave me a big punishment for a small mistake i did…you are my murderer..” but i still talk to him and try to be normal and friendly because i don’t want him to do anything, coz i still have 2 years more in this college, my entire life and career will be destroyed. i dont know how to deal with him… and now everybody in college thinks i am a slut and i have no friends except him….
cause i really feel like better than he dies and i get ended up in jail or something..better is i suicide. coz i dont find a way out now..
please please help me. please… please. this is my last hope to not kill myself. please.

Hi Avantika,
First of all stop the suicidal thoughts. You must have herd about person who commits suicide. But at last he/she is considered to be a coward thought. So be strong and face it.
He tries to emotionally trap you. But its your responsibilty to break his trap. For this you can take any kind of legal path. For this you can take help of your parents or teachers or anybuddy senior.
But your first of all leave him. This may be hard but its true. These kind of person can hurt you or their posessiveness will lead you to hell.
Believe me a true lover or a friend always want to to see you happy.
If the person is not true then you cant sustain your self. So better be clear and break every relationship as early as possible.
Do reply for any carification