RE: long distance problem


lisaparker wrote:
i am in long distance relationship.
in beginning every thing was alright my bf used to call me daily and tell me how he miss things we used to do, still he feel my presence in home and this hurts and he end up crying, used to discuss his day and about his friends.

slowly his sms and call reduced and while we talk most of the time he keep silent and i start feeling that he is hiding things from me.

Dear lisaparker,
You must understand that long distance relationships are very hard work and no matter how one tries, you cannot maintain them like you would if you were together. When you’re apart from each other, you have no idea of each other’s day at work and other situations and its not easy or practical to share everything on the phone either. I agree with your boyfriend when he says that a relationship does not end simply because you don’t talk for a few days. Just the fact that he gave you his full attention when you went to visit him shows that he does care for you. Don’t suspect him unless you have solid proof or you will ruin a perfectly good relationship. What you can do, if you feel you’re not getting enough time with him, is talk to him and set up a time on weekends where you can meet up on chat or Skype and talk face to face. You can set aside 1-2 hrs and discuss all the details of your week and other things. This will maintain your bond.

Remember, like you, he too is in a long-distance relationship and its equally hard for him. I’m sure he’s trying his best to be with you as much as he can. So give up baseless doubts and enjoy a beautiful relationship! Very few lucky people can maintain a long distance relationship and if your boyfriend is supporting you, why don’t you enjoy it too? :)