RE: losing hope in marriage



Okay.. What can I say.You can’t change a gene ..he and his family are different the personality,the way of thinking, intelligence,romance etc all are come from genes if research a man actually never change.if he strongly influenced by sum1 and from sum place.. So very hard to live with that kind of person who don’t love u or care about u…and you know what….. I am arranged married just 2 months and I have gone all the problems and troubles u have…and still having…..It is so painful that a woman leaves all for a man and the husband is not beside his wife and also not supportive then for that woman it is very very hard to live in the marriage relation. Why always a woman suffer ?!? In marriage,after divorce a woman is sufferer.. The man changes his wife like a cup of tea.Men don’t have emotion..they only have sex.. So they don’t feel pain.. But a woman can understand pain through out her life.why our society is still orthodox and tabu for a woman ???