RE: Losing hope on relationship



* Understand one thing clearly, you born as alone in this world. No one was accompanying when you are inside your mother. Whatever companions you have all are created by you. Without anyone’s close relationship you can live. whoever you are seeing in your school, college and office all are not having guys like you. Aren’t they living in this world. Many people are living by only believing their family.

* Without the xx and yy, you can very well live in this world and that too very happily.

* Engage yourself in some activities like yoga or games or spiritual activities.

* If you think, you have failed in life, then that is your mistake. At any extreme condition, there is hope.
*Remember every locks are prepared with keys. All problems have their own solutions. Realize your responsibilities among your family and the society.

*You should rely only on your knowledge and wisdom. Don’t give importance on the emotions. Only knowledge will win in all cases. No relationship will last through out your life.

*Think and act.