RE: low self confidence


swarup raj wrote:
Hi brother, lets forget about the past and just focus on the current situation . I think u r not have any other activity other than studies. Try to devolop that and it is not difficult to make frds, u just nees to talk and share your thoughts and feelings with others. Don’t loose faith in yourself and in God , then every thing will gonna good for u. Don’t sit always in one place , try to go outside and mix with others then u will have the ability to talk with new people. If u have any doubt and questions then u can ask us…

“Mix with others”. That is the biggest problem for me. It is easier said than done. I am too self conscious and feel an adrenaline rush when I talk to certain kinds of people. My brain has created a perception that a few people are superior to me. It is very difficult to break this perception however hard i try. It comes naturally. It is involuntary. I force myself to be confident by I am not able to do so. People often take advantage of that and dominate me. I am far away from the believe that I am a normal person.
Also I lack in basic physical skills. I walk stiff. People often make fun out of that. I read somewhere that stiff walking is due to stress. I am unable to do away with that stress.