RE: low self confidence due to break up



I am not sure for each case but as per my experience of my life I have seen many people who did wrong with others and get the same in return. You know the person who left my sister, when he became CA, has got very fine experience. He got divorce due to family problems.
But why you bother about them. Sooner or later he will get the same thing in return. So you start forget about him.

Your thoughts also showed me that you are a bit negative. Why? 5’3” is not too short and this is the thing which God has gifted you. So stop thinking like you are too short. OK.
Flabby part is something which you can change. Start exercise etc..One you see improvement in your body it will boost your confidence. So be strong and never cry in front of anybody.
Start focussing on your exam. If you cleared your exam with flying colors then definately you will get good position and this will improve your life. You are a woman who is the srongest creature of God. So be strong.. :)