RE: low self confidence due to break up



yes u are right i have become negative and this is wat my relationship has done to me. earlier i used to be a very confident happy go lucky girl..but in last 5 years he regularly used to say me to be submissive. am working on tat part of negativity. i have started jogging and changing my perception but yuou know it takes hell lot of time to see d change. and i was so tortured mentally over phone things keep ringing in my head. i just hope i get out of this situation asap.
things have changed my life is peaceful now and i dont cry but i do feel bad and angry at tat guy and his family. as he never ever apologised to my parents even and tat he thinks he was right.
personally i know my height isnt too short but i was told so much about it u wont believe even. his mother used to pin point and criticize about each of my body part which is kind of difficult for a girl to forget even. i never understood how on earth people can be so insensitive and tat too one woman towards another woman. it was a traumatic experience.
seeing ur sisters case i feel elated tat guy who left ur sister got his share of punishment. i know ur sister wud be much happier now with her life. people should know and learn that u cant play with emotions and weaknesses of others. this thing if learnt can probably make this world a better place.