RE: Low Self-Esteem,Fear of people


ruchika gupta
wyss wrote:
I am a college student pretty good at studies.

The problem is that I am unable to face any group even known people if it is a formal setting.

Till now i have avoided getting in such situations but now this must be resolved for my future’s sake. I see my friends giving interviews and work where they desire. I am very jealous of that. i feel handicapped by my inability to face this fear.

Whenever I do try to face people I am unable to form proper sentences and blurt out gibberish, embarrassing myself, lowering my self-esteem even more.I am now scared to try again.

It’s not that I am not capable of speaking. I speak well if its one-on-one informal conversation with a friend, but not otherwise. I feel all hope fading as responsibilities on my shoulders increase every passing year. I have to do something now.

Someone help me please.

Hey….ur problem is that u don’t mix up with people and are unable to express yourself….do one thing just scroll ur contact list of ur mobile and call anyone randomly and say whatever u want without thinking what his/her reaction would be….just do it twice or thrice…you’ll see the change in you…I did it