gpg wrote:
Dear people

Im going to complete 1 year of marriage but facing some problem with my husbnd.
likewise yesterday night i gave my husband 6 calls and he called upon seeing them, but when he called up i started kidding him and told im sleeping and he knew i was joking but he said ok bye gud nite.
now i want to ask u all who should make the next call me or my husband?
Pls reply me asap its highly urgent. plzzzzzz….

This one incident in particular does not indicate a problem to me. It happens all the time. First year is the honeymoon year. Towards the end of the year, the men generally start focussing more on work and thier attention to romance dimineshes. I am not saying that its correct or not, but that is how it happens.

It is possible that your husband is a busy one and as you said, he seems to work night shifts. Now, unless there is a pressing reason to call during busy work hours, these calls are more of irritants. There are many husbands who are almost pestered by incessent calls from wives. Infact a few days ago I heard a program on an FM channel on this topic.

So, keeping only this one incident in mind, do you think your hubby could be too busy to talk during office time?