RE: marriage concern



First of all I suggest you to be calm down. Every person has its own nature. Somebody likes to speak too much on the other hand somebody don’t. So if your husband is not communicating much with you doesn’t mean that you have some problem. In any relation as per my experience, problem arises when people start assuming things like you. How you concluded that he is not talking much with you means he is not happy with marriage?(This statement is big and serious)

Second thing why many time you are not agree with your mother in law? A lady of your mother’s age has more experience then you of life, so I don’t think that she may be wrong all the time. So please do an introspection. Rather then winning an argument try to win heart.

My suggestion:
1)When your husband is in good mood then talk to him and express your feelings and concerns with him politely. Don’t argue with him. In polite talk you can also ask him for reason. If he tells you something which pinches you; still listen it calmly. A good listener is a good winner.
2)Improve your nature with your mil. Treat her like your mother. Blessings of old people do magic.

Please let me know your thoughts on this.