RE: Marriage in trouble heading towards divorce.



Thanks Ayesha! Actually things have gone a bit worse since then. My sister ‘s father-in-law has developed a mild prostrate cancer and is under treatment. Docs hope him to be absolutely fine by another a month or so. But now my sister’s mother-in-law has started blaming her for such situations. Though this is insane, still few of my family members are in constant touch with my sister’s in-laws. Her husband is neither responding to her calls nor attempting to call her. We are thinking of taking legal actions but we plan to wait until her father-in-law gets fine. We understand her rights, but as you mentioned, we cant measure the emotional stress that she has gone through so we don’t want to send her back amidst these tensions. We hope everything to get fine but in case its not, then we need to be geared up for the worse.

And you still can send someone from your family or you can go back to collect your stuffs citing usage reasons. There is no one who can stop you from getting back your things. I hope everything gets fine in your life.