RE: Marriage in trouble heading towards divorce.




This is prateek . It’s 3 yr of my marriage and is going through hell in last 2 months . This is love marriage .( Background ) my wife and me were friends in the same company where we nice buddies and cared for each other . I was in US and came back where she proposed me to get married as I was looking for girls at my end . I always felt protective for her as she doesn’t have mother who had passed away 5 yrs back . She told that her mother was the only one whom she use to speak emotionally or anything . We dated for 8 months and after her proposal I also start feeling for her as we were good friends and got married where I always knew she is strong headed and private person ,looks for class of people and ambitious . I told her once that I don’t think it should be right time to get married but she said today or never . Just in being loosing her we got married . But we faced couple of instances where we fought terribly .
Current situation: we live with my parents and she always complained abt her privacy and space, where use to have arguments on it . She has a good big house wheas it not with me bt we had mixed times . Last two months we fought over the future of our lives . Ideally we were planning for a kid this year which was her plan too . We fought in last month very spontaneously over her disobedience , lack of care, where she got low and drained and told me things are not working well .

After that I told her and assured her that will take of the things which has gone wrong , bt she lied to me once and things were broken out in the family now . On my repetitive attempts to convince her for better future and life she dreamt of she is unwilling to settle with me . I love her bt she says she is out of love with me , no attractions and drained out of fights . We used arguments bt she is constantly accusing me and not agreeing on her part faults at all . Sometimes she connects and smiles doing my regular , smetime cook and arrange things , even jog .She evn kept kissing me to show her affection but one day I asked her to tell how we can make it good for ourselves in marriage where at least lemme knw if she thinks of being a mother after sometime or next yr

I dont knw wat happen she surprisingly said she needs split .My parents are equally helping us to get together by love . She is either emotionally drained or practically fooling me by not forcing herself for family and wanted to shift . I love her very much and don’t wanna loose her . She looks angry sometime cool and vn I talk she again get very angry . I can’t loose her . Tell me wat can be done to prevent a divorce