RE: Marriage in trouble heading towards divorce.



Hey Ragi, I am also going through a similar kind of situation. And few months ago I just came to my parents house. I was under constant mental stress and thought things will be fine with time. I wanted to save my marriage and asked my family to talk with my in laws. My family and other relatives tried a lot but matters worsened and my inlaws didn’t let me come back. All my stuff is lying with them till date. We later realised that my in laws were intentionally creating problems for me so that I leave from there and i did the same. My advise to u is if ur sister is still in confusion and not really wanting separation, then she should stay with her husband only. But she needs to be alert, if possible try to take some legal help also. she doesn’t need to be scared of her in laws or anybody else. That’s her house as well and she has full right to stay, if anybody does any physical harm to her, she can call the police. What I mean to say is whenever she moves out of that house, she should know that she is ending all and should pack her bags, should be prepared, be it legal preparedness, mental preparedness or future plan preparedness. She should not leave her stuff behind. She should know her rights and should understand that no one has any right to harm her or throw her out. She should stay and get prepared.