RE: Marriage problem


Nidhi wrote:
I,m 27 year old women, it has been 11 month to my marriage. but still i dont have sex with my husband….now this is creating problem in our marriage….problem is that i dont like his way of thinking and he also only like to have foreplay and he rarely says for sex….. but he has made me guilty in front of his parents and my parents……i dont like the way he approaches to me…….i cant leave him because my parents will not allow it and my brothers will not support me now i’mfeeling to do suicide but i dont want to be a coward…….please help because of the tension i started having migraine problem and loss of diet ………please advice me…..i want to express fully but here i’not able to…….but by talking i think i can express myself…..please help.urgent.

Hi, It is very sad that you are not getting sex in your marriage which is a very important aspect and need in a marital relationship. I cant understand why he is making you feel guilty. In fact you need sex to keep yourself healthy physically and mentally,there is nothing wrong in wanting sex. Try to talk to him and express your need for healthy sex and things which you would like him to do in sex.When you will have proper intercourse and achieve orgasm your migraine will disappear,else you can try to masturbate to satisfy yourself.Otherwise seek sex outside your marriage.