RE: mother



I’m really sorry to hear about the situation that you’re dealing with. It’s unfortunate that parents can be so difficult to handle sometimes. It can be hard to always be strong, but you must have the spirit to fight to resolve these issues in life.

I totally agree with the advice that has been given to you, but I’d like to ask you something. If your mother is suffering from a psychiatric issue, have you thought about taking her for psychological/psychiatric therapy? My mother went through a really difficult phase in her life, but now she’s much better thanks to psychiatric treatment and the love and support provided to her by all her family members. Healing takes time, but one must never give up, even though it can be emotionally and psychologically exhausting sometimes.

I can help you out more on this matter if you wish to discuss it further. Let me know whatever works for you.

Take care, babe.
Hang in there.


Mehr-un-Nisa Azad Kamaluddin
Lahore, Pakistan