RE: mother


Paru.k wrote:
My mother is neurotic… on medicines… and her behaviour towards people and things is creating pain and frustration in me.. i start crying on little things.. feel low very often… dont know where my life is going… or how things will be in future… my family is concerned about my marriage… but more than that i am concerned about my family… i dont know whats happening… i am not able to pray… not able to smile.. lost somewhere always… always worried whats running in my mothers mind… how will things be in future and all.. although i have lived with it for so many yrs… but still its painful… so much pain that i cant express… what am i supposed to do??? please help…

hi Friend,

I understand the situation you are dealing with. I am kind of dealing with the same situation. I also understand your concern towards your family. I had read somewhere on the internet that while dealing with situations like these we have to take care about ourselves as well. There is nothing wrong in taking care of ourselves. I know exactly how frustrating and painful it is, but try to be happy. Do things you like to do more often. Don’t think about the future right now. live in the moment. We often keep worrying about things which probably would never happen. Try to relax. If you have been living with it for a long time, you should realize and appreciate how strong you are. Be patient with your mom.With a sound mind, you will be able to find out solutions.Understand you are not alone in this, there are many others out there dealing with the same situations. Don’t lose hope.
My best wishes.

Be Happy to be alive :)