RE: my husband hates me.


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madhavi wrote:
It’s a love cum arranged marriage. before marriage he was so kind, he loved me a lot. But after marriage he changed completely. we are staying with his parents & his sister.

Before marriage, he spend lots of time with me, but after marriage, if my husband is somewhere around me, my mother-in-law, pretends as if she is having some serious breathing trouble, & keeps him with her. if we planned to go for a movie, she & his sister always join us. from the day 1 she doesn’t like me. he forced his mom to accept our marriage. she wants her son to be with her all the time, she always complains me to my husband & create one or other problem between me & my husband, He believes her & he too fight with me. she doesn’t allow us to spend some time together.

yesterday he told me to die. within 4 months of our marriage, he hated me completely.

i often think of committing sucide rather than living with him. even i tried to hang myself, for that he said, if you want to die, die somewhere else. don’t do anything in our house & create problem to us.

pls help how to deal with this situation. i don’t like to live.

Arjun wrote:
Love is the only thing if true will be at the ones aid in the time of difficulty. But what you are going through is just a test of hw truthful your love is…….?
You must understand when you where in love…it was once in a day your husband could meet and discuss with you so that moment just as precious as a diamond for him. All those uncertainties and tension of losing you away was there among you and him. That was the factor that made that time and love so precious. Now you are along with him and he is not afraid that you will be lost from his life., he has now to take over the responsibility of son , brother and many more. So going for a film with him after a marriage may not be the only concern that’s affecting him.

So i just think it would be quit good to wait patiently and see to what he really needs to be with him….
For Mother-in-laws , just try to calm down its just the same rush of a mother being afraid of losing his son…….as our other respected member suggested try to win her heart….it may be hard for some may not acknowledge what you are doing good for her.

Try to be his love being more responsible wife…..and even take some of the responsibility from him to yourself making you engage with the family as a whole.
Suicide is just foolish thought…You have got something you loved…..just dont let it go…..its a test pass it… know the solution too….LOVE..
Everything will be fine………

I am inexperienced to answer this. But want to say – Suicide proves that loop hole is in you only. You only will be referred as coward. After you death your husband will marry once again but your parents will be enduring a huge trauma.
To stop all these the only solution is to face.
For case of facing other experienced people will give you suggestions.
Please think many times before every step coz this is your life and only you can mend it.