RE: my husband hates me.



Dear Madhavi,
I’m not giving a solution for this problem(becoz I’m going thru’ this and not sure how to get over this). Hope somebody else will reply to this with the proper solution. But I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone in this situation. Like me, so many women are there who are bound to suffer this. I really hate Indian perception of marriages now. Initially I thought it was the best where divorces are less. But the truth is that we are supposed to keep silent in these matters so the men can do whatever they want. So obviously divorce rate will be less. Nobody expects man to adjust..
But please dont think of suicide or something. We will try to be more strong. Thats what I’ve been trying these days. If your husband is ready to come for any counselling, go ahead. Things might change then.(My husband wasn’t ready for this). If not we have to learn to be strong. We cant expect our husbands or in-laws to understand any of our feelings. I also expected like that for long but in vain. Now I’m tryng to be independent in all aspects(if you are jobless, try to find any soln which can keep you busy). I’m trying not to be bothered when my husband ignores and hates me and pours all his care to his parents(though at times it makes me cry inside). I’m keeping a slight hope sometimes that he will come back to me when this mental separation is too long. But I’m not letting this hope to fill all over my mind to minimise my mental breakdown again. I’m keeping you too in my prayers to be strong.. Take care!