RE: My husband


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Adi wrote:

I have a husband who does not trust me because of his past experience with another girl. That lady cheated him and left him for another guy. He also loves me more than i love him, because of which he does not get what he gives or expects.
he is overprotective and thinks i dont care about his feelings. He thinks i am too young for him. he is older by eight years.
I am a person who goes by practicality and am unable to express my feelings the way he does.
I dont know how to fix this. I care about him, but i dont go by emotions only. I cannot think the way he thinks.
I would be glad to receive suggestions.

first do not compare…..but wen did husbands understand?
Also….all marriages are on due to the special understanding ppl workout…it takes time to work out…may b a decade…
my suggestion is b positive and do yr duties..and b v confident and tell him..that u lov him..and he has to beahve rationaly..whtever in pas happened ..let it be..but i willl always b ur companion…untill u choke methe way u r doing it…so lets b understandable to each othe..