RE: Need Guidance for my married life



1) When a person dont gives u call nor pick ur phone n we are miles away how do we talk? Nor does he or my sis-in-law or mother-in-law pick our call nor give us call how do we communicate?

2) As he did not bother to c-off me my family n me too feel that unless he visit my home and take me back i should not go to his place. We are waiting as he has given us his tentative dt for coming but we all have doubt about he coming or not…

Its two weeks no phone from him. its 1 month where since last two weeks no call. He use to call me only on sunday n der never talked more den 2 minutes.

specially thanks to lindsay as u have been guiding me whereever possivle n guide me further also .but i request also to Hope community owner n phsycatrists pls guide me in my case. i am in depression.