RE: Need Guidance for my married life



Hi Lindsay…

He has not yet called me just 1 sms he gv 3 days back abt dt when he is coming to pick me back to his house i.e in bet 4 oct.

My CONCERN of worries are
1) He never calls me nor when i m at his house nor now when i am away (another state) .
2) I was ill he himself has shown me to doc just 1 day before i.e on 29/8/14 n in eveningg i ( with my papa n jijs) left his house for coming to my parental house n stayed at hotel. .i left frm his state on 30/8/14 in eveng whole day no communication he didnot responded my call or my sms. in Evng when my train was abt to depart i.e 8 30 he sms he is away frm station shall try to reach but didnot came to c/off me.
3) He or his mom n sis never gv me call or to my fmly members.. nor dey pick my parents phone telling we are not habitual of much talking.
4) Once my jijs visited his house der his sis told dat he is not happy dats y he is not taking leave n planning honeymoon we dont c future …( it was during when we had fight n were not in talking terms whole 1 week)

now pls tell wht should i think? as i have asked him in fight once he has told me he is not happy but when after 1 week he was cool he said in fight i told. nothing is der like dis i hv leave issues .