RE: Need Guidance for my married life



Hi Roshini,

I also agree with your concern and these needs to be resolved. One things I observed about you.
You are expecting too much with your husband. Every time you mentioned that he is not calling you. It may be possibility that he is really busy and not ignoring you.

It is not clear to me that why you visited for long time in your home town. Is it really necessary, as per the custom? If no then you should go back to your in-laws.

Start communication directly with your husband. I think you should not fought with your husband and stop talk with him. Anyway now when you go back, try to be very polite with each and every member in your laws. Try to be more loving and caring with your husband. Whether he talk with you or not. This way you will start getting place in your in-laws heart. Because early you started complaining with your husband and everybody in your in-laws know about it. So it may be that they have wrong impression about you.

So by showing extra love and affection with your husband, extra respect to your in-laws you can win heart. You can discuss your thoughts and fear with your husband and express him that you are feeling because you love him too much.