RE: Need Guidance for my married life



I m not liking to share my whole personal story but i think unless i narrate whole stuffs no one can understand my worries. I am starting from start what n how i was treated and then pls let me know wht should i do.I am narrating you all incidents

1) From my 2nd day of marraige i am doing Swipping and mopping of my upper house where we ( me n my hubby ) reside. whereas maid is there for down floor for same work but only lower floor is done by maid .

2) I am not allowed to stay down unless i have to work like preparing food or doing pooja.or wash clothes .. other then this i have to go upstairs n be there as my sis-in-law and mother-in-law do some or other talks but not before me they feel its privacy hindrance.

3) I am not allowed to go to temple.. its was my routine to visit temple everyday but its been banned. MY Kundly has some doshas and i am been told to visit temple saturday without fail .my sis-in-law is also told same thing but she n my hubby visits temple in evening on saturday w/o fail but i am not allowed.
I recite katha on thurday but it is also restricted by saying there family pandit has told not to allow that pooja. so basically i cant go to any mandir but they can.

4) My Mother-in-laew feels i use too much of water in washing clothes so i was made to wash my clothes in 1 bucket n she use to seat beside me and pouring water counting 1 bucket or two.

5) I am not allowed to even stand in balcony and talk to anyone ..nor visit park just in front of my house reason given is – in our society its not good if a newly married bahu visit alone .

6) i found my upper washroom locked when i returned from my sister house which was working perfectly ok (which is around 5 hrs away )where i was sent for 4 days but den after 14 days my hubby came to take me back after several reminders from my father and me (through sms as he use to nor call or recieve our calls) .Its now 2 months it is not repaired nor i know where d key is kept …so i dont know whether it is really having some problem or ……

My hubby keeps mum when i ask i want to gog to temple and go alone….

Now pls tell after all this incident and last where he hasnot come to even c/off me nor he called me nor picked my phone .

pls specify am i thinking wrong or right?