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Dear Mam,
Thanks for the kind words. I think i could not explain my problem properly. I am not able to face the life and is afraid of every thing. I always feel that i am a looser who could not do retain his job
In new job also, i could not come over a phobia of loosing job. I keep feeling that the company i am working with also will terminate me. With this fear i am always living on the edge of depression.
Second thing is , there are some wrong financial actions which has drained lot of my savings in Stock Market. I also do not own a house. All the time am afraid of what i will do after loosing the job? At this age, i am not able to get proper job as i am working in middle management. Every company wants people below 40 years of age.
I know , that i have to fight with this phobia, but dont understand how?

mehrunnisa.azad.k wrote:

I’m extremely sorry to hear about the fact that you’re going through such a difficult time. I can understand the pain and suffering you’re going through. Psychologists and mental health therapists cannot recommend medications, as they are supposed to provide counselling and behavioural therapies. A psychiatrist would be able to recommend medications, but why don’t you consider counselling first? Give it a shot and if it doesn’t prove to be helpful, you can always consider going to a psychiatrist. It’s natural to feel dejected and harbour a constant fear of losing a job. The fact that you’re so concerned about being able to provide your family with a comfortable lifestyle speaks volumes about how good a parent you have been to your daughters. It can be difficult to share all your issues with your family because you probably want to put up a strong front. Why don’t you try to share all your thoughts here on this forum first? That might help. If not, then we can consider other options.

I’ll be waiting for your response.

Take care,
and please don’t worry too much.

Mehr-un-Nisa Azad Kamaluddin