RE: Need help…….



I am a 22 year old girl gonna turn 23 this year….. I am a north indian hindu. I love a guy who s a south indian muslim. we r in a relationship for the past 5 years. we both were happy. but then my mom read my mails to him and found all about it. she wanted me to discontinue but i have the relationship intact without her knowledge.
I never knew that my family wud b a bit conservative as i was given all the liberties. Now she s talking about my marriage and saying that she wud get me married in 2-3yrs. i dont want to marry for another 5 yrs. this has disturbed me a lot. I am preparing for competitive exams and am unable to concentrate bcoz of it.
i get irritated wen i hear abt marriage…. Wat can i do?
I guess i am developing some sort of problems with my mother. I am very worried plz help.