RE: need help..breakup wit my bf and running into another



hii dear,
Thanks for the reply. I will tell u my whole story.I just summarized before.Please read this and help me.
I broke up with my boyfriend 20 days back.We both are working. He was actually my best friend for the last 7 years. We were into a relationship only around 6 months back. We were serious in our relation and took a decision when we found ourselves matured enough for a commitment.He told that he will come and ask my parents and will marry me. He was sincere in this relation and he loved and cared me a lot.We both are of same age and he said he need around 2 years s o that he gets well settled by that time. Actually ours was along distance relationship on the starting itself.He is abroad and I am in my home country. So our communication was less comparing to normal relationships, yet we found time for ourselves.But it was not a matter since we know each other for a long time.
I had another relation in my college and my bf is well aware of it since he was my good friend from that time. But my ex-bf dumped me when our academic life got over. I was very depressed that time.
Only after 2 years I entered into another relation. When I entered into a new relation my bf that he does not care about my past and he totally loves me.Things were going smooth apart from the fact that we both miss each other since its a long distance relation.
My bf told his mother about me.She liked me very much and agreed to our relation. But my bf always had a fear whether his parents will come to know about my past relation in college and would not agree to our marriage.As we had a lot of mutual friends there are many chances of them knowing it.So he was like he need to tell this to his parents.He once told me he does not want to make me wait for him and if his parents didn’t agree that time,then it will be like wasting my good time for him.Thats why he always wanted to tell his mother regarding this.

Later when I moved to a new job our communication gap increased and fights started among us.Since its a long distance relation we are not able to communicate well and solve our problems.It grew day by day.I know I am the one who is starting the fight,but my anger is only for sometime and I don’t have any problem with him. One sudden day he blasted at me saying because of these fights it is not going to work out a relation between us and he was like stopping it.
But I was not at all ready for break up because I loved him that much.I begged at him. We both know it is just because of misunderstanding only and of the long distance between us. We were like to give another try.But I had a feeling inside me that it is just because I pleaded him he is back for the relation. May be because I was looking on that view point I had a feeling that he is keeping a distance from me. But to me, i really lacked the affection i used to get from him. When I told him this,he was like it is because he has double work in office and of the long distance relation. We continued the relation.But I was not at all happy. I felt his love only in bed. I was not comfortable with this. But he said he loves me and it is because he is busy he is not messaging me.
Since I am not comfortable to move on like this I told him if he is not really interested no need to continue this relation just for me. He said it is good for our future if we stop this as this is not working between us. I just told him I hate myself now.
Since then I didn’t contact him. I really love him and need him back. I miss him like anything. But later I came to know that he said like that to me but the real reason is that, he told his mother about my past relation and she is not agreeing to it.For that only he found some other reason and told me so. I miss him.I came to know that he is asking about me to my friends. Now I follow the no contact rule hoping that he will come back to me. I love him and need him back.Will that work out??
Meanwhile one of my friend is showing more affection and care for me. He doesn’t know about my relationship.I feel comfortable talking to him, but I don’t want to run into another relation. I talk to him because I feel good or else I will keep thinking about my ex and get worried.We are not having any physical contact but I doubt whether this will turn into another relation which I don’t want. I don’t wish to cheat him also because I know the real pain if someone whom we love leaves us.What will I do..plz help me.