RE: need help..breakup wit my bf and running into another



Hii dear,
I didn’t do any mistake.But me and my first bf made a fake agreement saying we live together. I am pure and good enough to live with a man though I had a previous relation.
Regarding this relation, It is not like I begged before him..I was the one who asked him that we will give another try in our relation.
Though we are not in contact But I have a feeling that he is sincere and will come back to me.He loves me very much.I know it well. I don’t know..may be I am wrong.But I need to marry a person who knows all my past.I don’t want to hide anything from my husband in future.

My present friend and myself doesn’t wish to enter into a commitment presently. I feel good when I talk to him.So why should I stop it?? and I find this is the way that I will stop thinking of my bf and get worried also. I am happy when I talk to him.Should I really stop talking to him? But I am sure he is not taking advantage of my situation because he doesn’t have any clue of my present situation.