RE: need help..breakup wit my bf and running into another



My question was for your old bf and his mother. If a girl has not done anything wrong then just having a bf in past is not a mature reason of leaving a girl. This is wrong mentality. Will his mother allow him to marry any other woman? As per this logic he should also not involve with any other woman in future, because he had a gf in his past.

I think u should stop thinking about ur first bf. I m not sure about his feelings but he is not serious for u. Otherwise he should not do like this.
You r wasting ur time for that man.

My opinion about your second friend is based on my past experiences. I am not saying that he is taking benefit of you. I have also not told you to stop talking with him. Just told u not to involve emotionally with him. Rest all is up to you as u are mature enough.

Let me know your plan of action :D