RE: need help..breakup wit my bf and running into another



Hii Lindsey,
What you told is right.I cannot move on with my new friend after a limit. As he is getting more close with me, I feel awkward and strange.I have decided to keep him at a limit. But I am still having memories of my boyfriend.I am not able to get over him. I have a feeling that he loves me and will come back to me. Now he is not ready for a marriage as he told before itself. Do u think fighting with his mother now for me will work will as he is not yet settled in his life? So what I think is he doesn’t want me to wait for him now and hurt me later. After all is it good to have a relationship if our is parents is against it?His mother is reacting as if he is going to marry a girl who is having second marriage. I don’t know Lindsey.I need him back. Please help me.