RE: need help..breakup wit my bf and running into another


rheacool wrote:
hii dear,
what should I do to come out of this situation.Please tell me. There is not a single day that I am not thinking of him. I get reminded of him often. i don’t know.what will I do???

You have to feel the pain for sometime. R u working or studying? You can try following
1) If you are working that concentrate on your work.
2) Start developing any hobby like reading, singing, dancing etc.
3) Spend time with your family.
4) Be spiritual and do some meditation.
5) Try to make yourself busy. Whenever you are free then only your mind will start thinking about that friend. So keep yourself busy.

I know that above mentioned points just help you a bit. As time passes you will start realizing that you are overcoming this situation. So dear don’t loose your heart. Everything will be all right. Be happy!!