RE: Need help for my 6 yr old daughter




my name is Alma and im an indian med student. i have a problem with lying which i recently realized cz i am unable to speak to my therapist properly. i keep altering my stories cz im scared of what she might think abt me. im lazy n smtimes i don’t do what she asks me to do like keep a diary and i just dont know anymore.. i’ve been lying and i know that its not helping me. i dont know what to do.. i don’t know.. i’m so confused. myu recent problem is about money n im scared to discuss it with her. i’m 21 and i still need an allowance from my parents n i feel like that too much to ask of them cz my dad’s 60 and i feel like a burden. i want to earn and i’ve been looking for jobs that won’t affect my study life and this morning i came up with a brilliant idea of working at a fast food joint out here, but then again i’m scared people might judge me and i don’t want people to know i have money issues.. i dont know what to do. there aren’t many job opportunities here. i live in sawangi in wardha maharashtra and i need some advice