RE: Need help for my sister


abhishekmbmit wrote:
My sister was kinda maniac in her school days.Though she was topper but she was stubborn/selfish/impatient.It was okay given that she was teenager. But as she grew problem worsened only.She couldn’t get desired medical college in spite of preparing 3 years,though she manged to get into private medical college.She couldn’t do well at study there,faced relationship problems there.At times she behaved very violently as well even to parents,her work had to be done at any cost(even if her parents had to travel 400 kms in their illness).In her final year her marriage was fixed.She protested initially but then agreed.She did fail in one paper of final year,didn’t live well with her husband and never listened to her parents in tough times.Husband filed for divorcee,and she had a miscarriage.Due to ample support of her parents she could manage to clear her back papers,got govt job.But this achievement didn’t help either.At his new work site she used to call/message a married man in spite of his repeated threatening.At home she wouldn’t involve in any household work,speaks/behaves violently.I don’t know what to do of her?

I think the best thing for you to do is leave her alone and deal with her situations and life herself. Overprotection can make someone like what she is right now. She has always been protected by you and your parents. That’s the problem with most Indian kids.